Spatial Dimensions have launched a new initiative: from today, we will play our part in helping to reforest the planet.

This week is World Green Building Week and I’m really excited to announce a brand new initiative: from today, Spatial Dimensions will play its part in helping to reforest the planet.

World Green Building Week is an annual event that urges everyone in our industry to think about how they can deliver greener buildings and this year, the theme is #ActOnClimate.

Like many companies in our industry, we’re very aware that the built environment contributes around 40 per cent of the UK’s total carbon footprint.

That’s why we’re proud members of the UK Green Building Council, whose mission is to radically improve the sustainability of what and how we build.

So, for the next 12 months, we will be planting trees for every land survey we carry out.


The idea came from a conversation I had earlier this year with my 9-year-old son, Blake. Like many kids, he’s very aware of the climate crisis, and is always looking for ways to help the environment.

He’s also a keen YouTube viewer (probably too keen!) and he told me about #TeamTrees, a fundraising project that has already paid for the planting of 20 million trees all over the world.

Blake got to hear about it because the project was started by famous YouTubers, Jimmy Donaldson – known as MrBeast – and Mark Rober. Their mission, to take action against deforestation, quickly became YouTube’s largest ever crowdfunder and was supported by billionaire entrepreneurs like Tesla’s Elon Musk, and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. In just two months, they smashed their $20 million goal, to pay for the planting of 20 million trees.

But the donations haven’t stopped, and we will now be donating to #TeamTrees with every land survey we carry out.

Working with trees

As land surveyors, we love trees. We come across them every day – all different species, sizes, spreads and heights – and we capture the details of these beautiful living objects on our topographical surveys.

We also know how crucial they are to our delicate planet. It’s estimated that 20 million trees absorb around 1.6 million tonnes of carbon and remove 116 thousand tonnes of chemical air pollution from the atmosphere. And that’s as well as providing precious habitats for wildlife.

The #Topos4Trees Deal

The #Topos4Trees deal is, we will donate five trees for every hectare of land we survey. Ten hectares equals 50 trees. We’ll even send you and/or your clients a certificate – on email, of course.

We may not be able to match Elon Musk’s contribution but we’re really happy to be taking this positive action.

So if you’d like to support tree planting when planning and developing your next project, we’d love to hear from you. Leave your details below and let’s do something great together.

By Claire Fenwick

24th September 2020