Monitoring Surveys: Accurate on-going checking

Monitoring surveys are the systematic measuring of fixed points over any length of time and is often required where the structure in question requires on going checking. This could be in height, plan or both.

Monitoring visits are manned by surveyors, with systems set up to provide checks on potential observational errors – making sure false alarms are not raised and with the latest range in high accuracy equipment Spatial Dimensions are in a great position to be able to deliver the results of any monitoring task.

When Spatial Dimensions attend monitoring surveys for the first time we are well aware that any successful project is dependent on a stable base and will install permanent control stations which will be measured and adjusted in a way that ensures repeatability and the high level of accuracy that is demanded by these surveys. All of our subsequent measurements are then based on this stable control network allowing confidence in the repeatability of the project. It is important to us that the client is as confident in the data as we are.

Deliverables such as;

are all possible and as no project is ever the same they can be refined for your specific requirements.

Projects such as reservoir dams, building facades, railway arches, ships in dry dock, listed walls and structures, highway embankments and retaining walls are all examples of monitoring that have been undertaken by Spatial Dimensions surveyors and our experienced staff are well equipped to ensure that we deliver the results you need.


We use Integrated Buy amoxicillin 500mg capsules uk Total Stations to capture data either in 2D or 3D with the output in a range of formats.

Our monitoring surveys will be completed in accordance with the Can i buy valtrex in uk of scales of 1:500 or larger.

Quality assurance

Our Quality Assurance team checks and verifies every drawing before it is sent out to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding client service and we have always delivered an excellent customer satisfaction rating for this service.

Qaultiy assured text

How much do Monitoring surveys cost?

Let us know the details of the site including the survey extents using an OS plan or similar. We will then contact you to discuss the specification of works and the purpose of your survey.

For us, it’s all about monitoring surveys that are fit for purpose, and it’s why businesses, architects, engineers, consultants, property developers and faculty managers have chosen Spatial Dimensions to measure their Finasteride bailleul achat, Avodart coupon card,Latanoprost ophthalmic solution 0.005 generic, Clomid clomiphene citrate 50 mg tablets price, Generic sildenafil in us, Wellbutrin xl 300 mg generic, and Lisinopril mylan generics. And we’d love the opportunity to help you too.

If you need a quick, efficient and discreet team on site, you’ve come to the right place, contact us today.

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What people are saying about us...

  • “Spatial Dimensions not only carried out their scope of works diligently and efficiently, but also produced resulting surveys to a high quality of which they should be proud.”

    Colin Hobart, Director, 3D Reid
  • “We have been very impressed with the quality and detail of the information received,

    easily amongst the best survey drawings we’ve had.”

    David Valinsky, Architect, NRAP
  • “A company that listens and cares.

    A joy to work with.”

    Peter Searle, Kier Group
  • “Spatial have always priced the jobs fairly and committed to and executed tight programmes for us.

    Works always sent over on time and to the brief.

    Very professional and Friendly service.”

    Zoe Horton, Director, GBA Designs
  • “We have found Spatial Dimensions to be contactable and reliable.

    They provide timely and competitive quotations and carry out comprehensive surveys to instructions.”

    Glen Ernest, Director, GDM Architects
  • “They have been more detailed than our previous suppliers and far more efficient in their approach.

    I would recommend them to anyone who appreciates quality work.”

    Chris Old, Director, Charter House Holdings
  • “Claire and her team proved to be professional, efficient delivering high quality 2D and 3D drawings.

    Just a pleasure to work with.”

    Amiina Bakunowicz, Founder, Archilab7