National BIM standard and certification program being developed in Canada

January 13, 2015

The Canada BIM council  is developing a framework to launch Canada’s first program to provide a national standard and recognized levels of certification for companies using building information modeling (bim).

“The long term goal of CanBIM is to advocate for BIM being more prevalent in projects or a requirement to a certain extent,” said Pietro Ferrari.He is the  CanBIM Research and Education Committee director and chair.

“In light of that, what we have begun to do from the bottom rung up is we have launched the certification for individuals, so the individual gets benchmarked to a certain competency.”

“But, what we would like to do is morph that into a certification for companies, architectural, engineering, consulting, construction, owners, operators — anybody that’s got anything to do with the building can become BIM certified on a certain level,” he said.

Ferrari made this statement during a seminar at Construct Canada on Dec. 3, which was entitled The Continuing Evolution of BIM in the Canadian Construction Market: Best Practices and the Latest Trends.


Interesting to see Canada going down the route of National BIM standards and certification for individuals.

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