Site setting out

Site setting out is the reverse process of a site survey, involving the extraction of data from a drawing to accurately mark out features on the ground.


This may be building corners, earthworks, sewers, steel structures or line and level of new highways or drainage.


rob setting out

It is vital for all elements of design and build that site setting out is carried out with positional accuracy.  Spatial Dimensions have a huge range of expertise and we can help right from the start of your project.  We can establish and maintain the Primary Control Network to ensure successful dimensional management throughout the lifetime of the project.

Setting out foundations, block or brickwork, pinning out preliminary designs, positioning roofs or steel structures, providing FFL’s and level datums at all stages of a project, we really do cover it all.

We can peg out highway boundaries or set out a center line with offsets to the required accuracy.  We are able to establish survey control networks to either Ordnance Survey National grid, related directly to the architects setting out criteria or develop the best fit grid reference to site conditions.

The co-ordination and location of permanent markers to withstand the rigor of site operations are also required and we can provide durable survey points that will stand the test of time on the busiest of sites.

Provision of the information can be 3 dimensional for input into BIM systems for total management of a building or construction project.  It can also be used for volume and area calculations.

With integrated hardware and software systems we have the technology to digitize co-ordinates from your latest design information and input this data directly into our survey instruments, whether it’s for setting out with a total station or GPS.

We’ll consult on the most effective solution for your budget and project requirements.  We will liaise fully with site staff to ensure the project runs smoothly and provide a record of our work upon completion.

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