Michelin House


Michelin House,
81 Fulham Rd,

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The most completely French of any Edwardian building in London


Michelin House, commissioned by the Michelin Tyre Company Ltd as their first permanent British headquarters in 1909, has been a favourite London landmark for many years.

Its exuberant stylistic individualism has been variously described as an example of art nouveau, proto-art-deco, secessionist functionalism and geometrical classicism. It has even been described as ‘the most completely French of any Edwardian building in London’! Designed by an employee of the company, probably under the guidance of Edouard and Andre Michelin, it owes more to the imagination, vivacity and outrageously irreverent flair for public relations of these two men than to any notion of the architectural taste of its time.

The Michelin Building was lovingly restored to a restaurant, shop and office space in 1986. It was bought from Michelin by Sir Terence Conran and the late Lord Paul Hamlyn who had long admired it.


Spatial Dimensions was commissioned by Key Task on behalf of the Bibendum restaurant to survey this iconic London landmark for the purposes of a renovation of the first-floor restaurant.

Our survey extended to include the ground floor bar, entrance and stairwell, the entire 1st floor and building heights and perimeter elevations. The deliverables sent to the client were CAD drawings and point cloud data.



Client: Key Task

Sector: Leisure & Hospitality

Services: Measured building survey, laser scan

Deliverables: Point cloud, CAD


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